Daniel Gillies in Saving Hope (1x08): Part Two

(Part One:

“I am…I am terrified. I am terrified that she’s going to pull the plug. I just…I can’t breathe…”

“It’s okay. It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not.”

“What can I do?”


“Alex…..This is completely out of line and I know this is…..Alex, I still-“

“Don’t. Just…don’t.”

Christ, I shouldn’t love this scene as much as I do. But Daniel and Erica just…ugh. Even though these two characters are in such tragedy, this scene reeks of symmetry and emotion and, God, just kill me.

It’s amazing not just because it leads to Joel almost confessing his love for Alex (Okay, we don’t actually know, but we know and even if that’s inappropriate timing, truth is truth), but also because this scene is really about two emotionally shattered people opening up to no one but each other, basically talking about what they can’t handle.

When everything is broken, Alex finally goes to Joel. Joel: the guy that she pushed away earlier because she didn’t want nice, accused so long ago of not being nice at all. Joel tries to say and do the right thing here - fights himself because this is not a role he’s used to being in, but he wants to be there for her, has been trying to be there for her - but ends up feeling just as vulnerable, unable to hold back what he feels.

I can’t even with Daniel Gillies and his perfection here.

This fucking show, man — it makes you have an emotional breakdown every episode. This one in particular, though. UGH. I can’t tell if I’m feeling devastated over Charlie and because of Alex and Joel or if I’m happy over Gavin or pissed at Dawn and then I wind up wondering if I can be so emotionally conflicted without some serious mental health problems.